Donna Onacki

As a child I often heard that I was over sensitive, emotional, and a storyteller. Most times I would find it hard to verbalize the intensity of my inner world and was often told to “calm down.” This made me a bit different from my siblings and others which caused struggles in my relationships. I danced to move the energy through me, I wrote in my diary every day to express myself, and I spent lots of time outdoors by myself to return to an inner calm. I did these things instinctively during my teenage years. In my early adult years the writing and outdoor time were replaced with work and raising two children. Thankfully I still found time to dance. After years of stress, and health issues as a result, I decided to leave work. The outdoor time and writing found their way back and I began to find my way home. My connection to the outdoors and particularly the plants deepend and I discovered Flower Essences. Attuning to the plants to receive their wisdom gave me a sense for how to become a partner with Nature to become an active co-creator in my life. The Flower Essences helped me discover the Archetypal patterns in myself by providing clarity to my habitual trancelike responses in situations.

I’ve come to realize that my true purpose is to achieve harmonious relationships in many areas of my life, accepting myself for who I am, and embracing my shadow self. My work with Flower Essences, the Light Work of Reiki, and the Angelic Realm keep me grounded, safe, at peace and loving who I am. Making choices from this place is powerful.
Integrating Flower Essences with Intuitive Life Coaching to help others become active co creators in their own lives is work that gives me great pleasure.

I am a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist, Reiki Master, Yoga & Pilates Instructor. I am also a Certified Financial Recovery Coach.
I live in Hampton Falls, NH with my husband Tom. I have two adult children; my son Tom in Shelburne Falls, MA and my daughter Natalie in Flagstaff, AZ.