Annie Hopkins, PT

My passion for perinatal care and recovery started while I was in PT school when I wondered why PT care wasn’t standard during the prenatal and postpartum period.
As I got older and my friends started having babies, I heard the same thing over and over again “Why didn’t anyone tell me about this? Is this normal? What happened to my body? Where can I go for help?” My biggest driver – personally and professionally – is to empower people. I love working with athletes, and spent many years working in sports medicine and orthopedics, but in 2019 I decided to follow my heart and add pelvic health certification to my practice. Because that initial question never left me: if pregnancy and childbirth drastically change our musculoskeletal system, why isn’t PT standard care for birthing people? In addition to the basic pelvic PT training (I am certified to perform internal examinations), I am currently working towards becoming a Certified Birth Healing Specialist through the Institute of Birth Healing so I can help people better prepare for labor and heal holistically after birth. I am also trained as a yoga teacher (vinyasa flow and prenatal) and Ayurvedic postpartum doula. I use a combination of hands-on techniques to help realign the body and restore balance physically and emotionally after going through the drastic physical changes related to pregnancy and childbirth, or any orthopedic injury. I am committed to learning and expanding my practice to bring the best exercises, hands on techniques, wellness information, and holistic care to my clients, especially pregnant and postpartum people!

Call/text or email to book a free 20 min discovery call to talk about what working together would look like: 603-417-4294 or


Initial Evaluation (90 min): $225

Follow-Up (60 min): $185

I accept HSA/FSA, credit card or Venmo.