Andrea Rutherford

Seacoast Birth Matters offers postpartum and lactation support for new families, as well as private prenatal classes to support your upcoming birth. We wholeheartedly believe that each person’s journey from birth to baby is unique, and that parenthood is not one-size-fits-all.

We meet you where you are on your individual journey, while supporting your birth and baby needs. My practice is about mentoring, which is unique from ‘teaching’ so the experience is about you, what you already know, where you are on the journey, and your immediate needs, especially for newborn families.

Andrea is the owner and founder of Seacoast Birth Matters. She is has 20+ years of experiences an independent perinatal educator, lactation counselor, postpartum and birth doula, certified childbirth educator, advanced Birthing from Within mentor, MotherWoman facilitator and TummyTime™educator.

Andrea has been supporting, nurturing and celebrating families from pregnancy through parenting since 1996. Her evidence based practice is organically grown from her own experiences with birth as a mother, doula, mentor and educator. From California to Maine, Andrea has worked with over two hundred childbearing families. Andrea offers compassionate, nonjudgemental care for new and experienced mamas as a lactation counselor and postpartum doula offering in home support, and private in-office support at Rise in York Maine.

Andrea works with midwives, physicians, medical providers and complimentary providers to offer Seacoast area childbearing families exceptional care. Sensing the needs for mothers to connect with other mothers for support, Andrea created a space for parents to receive encouragement, get connected in the community and receive support, which resulted in the creation of her weekly mom and baby group, Mama Nest, which has been offered in the Seacoast for over 15 years.

Andrea is a mother of three beautifully grown children, and an incredibly proud grandmother, and is inspired by nature, seaside gardening, babies, dogs, summertime, cooking, and especially family.