Annie Hopkins, PT

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Annie Hopkins, PT

My passion for perinatal care and recovery started while I was in PT school when I wondered why PT care wasn’t standard during the prenatal and postpartum period.
As I got older and my friends started having babies, I heard the same thing over and over again “Why didn't anyone tell me about this? Is this normal? What happened to my body? Where can I go for help?” My biggest driver - personally and professionally - is to empower people. I love working with athletes, and spent many years working in sports medicine and orthopedics, but in 2019 I decided to follow my heart and add pelvic health certification to my practice. Because that initial question never left me: if pregnancy and childbirth drastically change our musculoskeletal system, why isn't PT standard care for birthing people? In addition to the basic pelvic PT training (I am certified to perform internal examinations), I am currently working towards becoming a Certified Birth Healing Specialist through the Institute of Birth Healing so I can help people better prepare for labor and heal holistically after birth. I am also trained as a yoga teacher (vinyasa flow and prenatal) and Ayurvedic postpartum doula. I use a combination of hands-on techniques to help realign the body and restore balance physically and emotionally after going through the drastic physical changes related to pregnancy and childbirth, or any orthopedic injury. I am committed to learning and expanding my practice to bring the best exercises, hands on techniques, wellness information, and holistic care to my clients, especially pregnant and postpartum people!

Call/text or email to book a free 20 min discovery call to talk about what working together would look like: 603-417-4294 or


Initial Evaluation (90 min): $225

Follow-Up (60 min): $185

I accept HSA/FSA, credit card or Venmo.

Massage Therapy & Bodywork

(207) 994-4374

Beth Boucher

My journey into massage therapy began after sustaining a shoulder injury
during my time teaching English in Thailand. As is common in Thai culture,
I went for regular massage treatments and was amazed how quickly my
shoulder healed. Upon my return to the US, I decided to completely change
the course of my life and embark on a career in massage therapy.
I graduated from the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in 2009. My
practice has evolved from a focus on alleviating the discomforts of
pregnancy and aiding postpartum recovery, to everything from treating
athletic injuries to relieving chronic stress within the body. I specialize in
deep tissue, therapeutic/relaxation, prenatal, and postpartum massage. I
am known for my strong hands, yet gentle approach. Every massage is
tailored to the specific needs of each individual.
In my free time I enjoy taking on new challenges, whether it’s hot yoga,
cold water immersion or hiking another 4,000 footer in the White
I offer massage therapy at RISE by appointment only. The best way to
reach me is by calling or texting 207-994-4374 on weekdays. I offer 60
minute massages at $125, 75 minute massages at $140, and 90 minute
massages at $155. I accept cash, checks, and Venmo only for payment.
I do not accept credit card payments.

Massage Therapy and Bodywork

(207) 715-1267

Alexandria Barron

My training in combination with my thought process creates a beyond-the-table approach to bodywork. To invoke your body's natural ability to heal, I use a combination of energy work paired with massage techniques. I use knowledge about what I have learned to enhance each session plan.

60 mins: $125
75 mins: $140
90 mins: $160

Flower Essence Practitioner, Life Coach


Donna Onacki

As a child I often heard that I was over sensitive, emotional, and a storyteller. Most times I would find it hard to verbalize the intensity of my inner world and was often told to “calm down.” This made me a bit different from my siblings and others which caused struggles in my relationships. I danced to move the energy through me, I wrote in my diary every day to express myself, and I spent lots of time outdoors by myself to return to an inner calm. I did these things instinctively during my teenage years. In my early adult years the writing and outdoor time were replaced with work and raising two children. Thankfully I still found time to dance. After years of stress, and health issues as a result, I decided to leave work. The outdoor time and writing found their way back and I began to find my way home. My connection to the outdoors and particularly the plants deepend and I discovered Flower Essences. Attuning to the plants to receive their wisdom gave me a sense for how to become a partner with Nature to become an active co-creator in my life. The Flower Essences helped me discover the Archetypal patterns in myself by providing clarity to my habitual trancelike responses in situations.

I’ve come to realize that my true purpose is to achieve harmonious relationships in many areas of my life, accepting myself for who I am, and embracing my shadow self. My work with Flower Essences, the Light Work of Reiki, and the Angelic Realm keep me grounded, safe, at peace and loving who I am. Making choices from this place is powerful.
Integrating Flower Essences with Intuitive Life Coaching to help others become active co creators in their own lives is work that gives me great pleasure.

I am a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist, Reiki Master, Yoga & Pilates Instructor. I am also a Certified Financial Recovery Coach.
I live in Hampton Falls, NH with my husband Tom. I have two adult children; my son Tom in Shelburne Falls, MA and my daughter Natalie in Flagstaff, AZ.